Sustainability Story

Every day over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the world. This creates over 14 million tonnes of used coffee grounds, and sadly over 75% of this ends up in landfills. As a result, coffee grounds at landfills account for over 1.68 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year. Given the growing awareness of global warming and the climate emergency in recent years, we've learned that coffee grounds are part of this problem.

However, there are several ways of responsibly disposing used coffee grounds, for example, composting them or using it as a fertilizer for plants. At GroundsUp, we have designed our own use for this versatile material and our products showcase a beautiful, functional and sustainable second value-added use for coffee waste.

Our goal is to contribute to the circular economy and transform waste into beautiful and useful products. Rather than consuming new materials and resources to satisfy consumption levels, we believe in leveraging waste and being intentional about the products we buy and use. Our mission is to continue to create value and give new life to materials that many consider waste.

  • Over 40kg of used coffee grounds diverted from landfills

  • Over 50kg of used coffee grounds upcycled into GroundsUp products

  • Over 2.5kg of methane emissions avoided

In just over one year of sales,

we have already started making a difference.

  • 2 Piece of Small Coffee Tray

  • 4-Piece Coaster Set

  • Accent Table